Title Description: RAIL CAR DEPT
Date Posted: 7/12/2023
Job Number: 084-22-M
Hourly Rate: $25.3174
Union Status: ATU 1342


The job involves the preparation, performance, and completion of any type of assigned work done by the Rail Car section at any location connected with the operation of Metro system. It principally consists of reading and interpreting instruction sheets, blueprints and wiring diagrams; analyzing defects in rail car or shop equipment, parts and mechanisms; setting up machine tools and equipment, setting up equipment for and conducting tests; making repairs, replacements and adjustments with a minimum of direct supervision; observing for and reporting of unsafe or irregular conditions; exercised sound judgment relative to all aspects of assigned duties, and the protecting of Company property.


The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to the position. • Read and correctly interpret blueprints, instruction sheets and manuals, and wiring diagrams. • Identify defective, unserviceable, or deteriorating conditions in electrical/electronic systems, units or parts; diagnose the cause of such conditions; and determine the extent of required adjustments, repairs and/or replacements. • Fully understand rail vehicle high voltage (normal 650 VDC) and low voltage (37.5 VDC) systems, wiring and equipment, and test procedures and safety precautions regarding work on same. • Understand and be proficient in the use of complex electrical/electronic test equipment, including but not limited to oscilloscopes, ammeters, ohmmeters, voltmeters, and ultrasonic detection devices. • Test, repair or replace rail car electrical/electronic systems or components, including but not limited to chopper control systems, relays, switches, connectors, climate control systems and motors, lighting systems components, wiring, traction motors, circuit breakers and status indication systems, printed circuit boards, control circuits, intercoms, converters, battery chargers and batteries. • Test, troubleshoot and repair defects in complex vehicle and shop wiring systems. • Perform period inspections and preventive maintenance on electrical/electronic systems and components, and properly maintain records of the same. • Be able to make emergency repairs necessary to safely move a disabled or defective rail car or train in order to maintain service to the public with a minimum of delay and inconvenience. • Perform all of the work assigned as duties for any jobs in subordinate or comparable classifications and perform all duties with a speed and accuracy satisfactory to Company management. • Accept instructions and work assignments required to qualify for other classifications. • Develop knowledge of Company policies pertaining to the work involved. • Explain, instruct, and demonstrate to others all job details, methods and procedures when directed to do so by supervisory personnel. • Perform additional duties and tasks as assigned.


Must develop knowledge of Company policies pertaining to the work involved. Must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Must be able to maintain effective working relationships. Must have and be able to demonstrate an understanding of digital and analog circuitry. Must have a satisfactory prior work record. Participation in the Bloodborne Pathogen Program is required.


Tasks involve the intermittent performance of physically demanding work, typically involving some combination of bending, squatting, reaching, kneeling, climbing (ladders), twisting, rotating and/or crawling (under rail car). May also involve lifting (10-50+ pounds), carrying (10-50 pounds), pushing and/or pulling (5-50 pounds) materials and/or equipment. Job involves standing 3 hours at a time for four hours per day, sitting for one hour per day and walking one hour at a time for two hours per day.


80% of time is spent inside, 20% of time is spent outside, exposing employee to natural environmental conditions. Work exposes employees to fumes, dust, gases, odors and mist. Employee is also exposed to noise, vibration, hazards (slip and fall, chemicals) and motorized vehicles.


Must be a high school graduate and have two years of formal solid-state electronic technician training and one year of work experience applying such training, or three years of experience as an electronic technician. To be eligible candidate for the position, Metro employees will be required to pass the Skill Test designated for the position. Employee must be able to pass certification for operation of rail vehicles. Must possess and maintain a valid New York State Driver’s license of the classification required by law for the type of vehicle (s) driven as part of an employee’s normal job duties. Must be able to wear and utilize all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


TO APPLY: Send NFTA employment application located jobs.nfta.com, resume and cover letter specifying the job 084-22-M Email to: application_intake@nfta.com


The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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